What are the famous indoor games?

Indoor games are the games which are specially designed for the physical exercise of the brain. These types of games are either conducted in rooms or special designed rooms. Indoor games have no effect of weather as well many issues like that. You can easily play indoor games at home without any distraction. Indoor games are really helpful in enhancing your brain capabilities. There are many indoor games popular these days. Some indoor games are;

  • Card Games

Many number of games have been played using a cards. These games mostly includes 52 playing cards. 52 cards are equally distributed in four types; hearts, spades, diamonds club. These types are known as a suit. Each suite has given a different no from 2 to 7, each card is given a different name like king, Queen, Joker and Ace. The two cards named, bridge and bridge, uses Ace as the highest rank in the suits. The collection of one complete suit creates a trump. And the trump is able to beat the any other card of any suite. The win of the game depend upon the no of trick wins. Playing cards are really very enjoyable and peaceful game.

  • Squash

Squash is one of the most famous indoor game played by either 2 or 4 players. Generally, using racket player hit on the wall by ball and in case of bounce ball is handled to the other player. It is difficult to play as to hit the ball on the exact place which needs your physical fitness and flexibility. It offers great fun to the player.

  • Chess Game

Chess is an antique board game and is very famous indoor game even today. It is a game in which even 1 player can also play with computer but usually it involves 2 player to play a game. Generally, in this game you think extra-ordinary to win the game. Chessboard is used to play chess game which includes 64 squares and every player have 16 pieces army to play with it. Different types of pieces are involved in this game –king, queen, bishop, knight, rook, and pawn and each piece move on the board in special way. Intelligent person can play game with full of strategy and to make each move it depends on the other player.

  • Carroms Game

Carrom is an indoor game in which 2 or 4 players enjoy this game. Mostly, it is described as finger-pool, played on a large board on which players move heavy disc with their finger to move small discs.

Usually, heavy disc known to be striker and small disc are termed as carrom-men. To win a game you will sink the carrom-men into the four holes available as well as the red queen. A player who can sink the red queen can also sink other carrom-men into the hole to get the red queen and wins the game. It is also played in team form that spirit your focus to enjoy the game.