Two Important News For Business People in 2019

Payless ShoeSource closing all 2,100 U.S. stores, starting liquidation sales Sunday

Payless shoesource being the discount shoe retailer is now set to close all of the stores it has while it is filing for the bankruptcy later this month and Veuer’s Mercer Morrison has the story.  This has been confirmed on Friday by payless shoesource that it will close the 2100 stores that it is having in the US and the liquidation sales and Puerto Rico will be stated this Sunday.  The company is also going to shutter down the commerce operations.

The closings are going to mark the biggest with a single chain in this year and nearly it will double the number of the retail stores which is to be close in the year 2019.  The company gave a statement to the reports in which they said that they are expecting all the stores which will remain open until at least end of the March and the majority of the stores will be going to be opened till May.  This process will not affect the franchising operations of the company or the Latin American stores which it is operating that is for the business to remain as usual.

Another thing is that will not be accepting any online orders but the store locator was still working till Saturday. The Kanas based discount shoe retailer the Topeka has recently filed for the bankruptcy protection in the year 2017 while 673 stores have been closed.  In a news which was released in September, payless said that it was one of the largest footwear retailer in western hemisphere while having more than 3500 stores in about 40 countries around the globe that nearly is having 18000 employees.  Before some days for Payless making it confirm that it will shutter its stores said that there was no light till the end of tunnel.

Kylie Cosmetics Just Slashed The Price Of Their Jordyn Woods Lip Kit After Her Alleged Cheating Scandal With Tristan Thompson

Incase if you haven’t heard anything about this deal yet, here is something for you to know that on last Tuesday, Khloe Kardashian had dumped her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson and the key reason for this was that Tristan had been hooking up with the best friend of Kylie Jenner named as Jordyn Woods. For those people who just are scoring at this from their home, this would mean to them that he had cheated with her girlfriend’s sister’s best friend. Well that isn’t great.  And now you would be wondering on how Kylie Jenner would be handling this situation as after all her best friend had allegedly betrayed her family in a major way. So what she would now do? Well if you had been Kylie you would have marked your Jordyn Woods been inspired by the velvet lip kit half off. This really is something ice cold. The fire sale comes amidst reports that Jordyn Woods had moved out of the home of Kylie that day and they were too close while living in Kylie’s House. So now the situation is completely messed up and sad as well but this thing should be admitted that to get revenge by moving the products of your friend to a bin is really something truly iconic. Well this thing really is confusion for a lot of people for those especially who are not getting the complete story behind the scene.

Source: Grasslandtimes