Tips for Artists: Best Ways to Get Spotify Followers

Are you an artist and looking for more Spotify followers then you have come to the right page. Spotify is the world’s biggest music streaming subscription platform which has 100 million paying subscribers. It has 207 million active users. Spotify helps the artists to grow your followers using tools in order to become an independent artist down the track. It takes a lot of time and effort to increase your followers count on Spotify that’s why some artists prefer to buy Spotify followers to get noticed. When you have a fair amount of followers then your fans receive email notifications when you add your new track. In this post, we will discuss what‘re the best ways to get Spotify followers.

Claim Your Artist Profile on Spotify

When you are going to start your journey on Spotify as an artist, the first thing you should do is to claim your profile as an artist on Spotify. Although, this step is not necessary for gaining more followers it makes your account more authentic. All you need to verify your Twitter account to get artist Spotify profile. Every artist should have access to this data resource. Also tell your audience the details about your new release, tracks, and playlists to make your profile more valuable. Try to get a blue check on your Spotify profile that is a sign of an official profile. People are more likely to follow the profile with a blue check.

Ask on Social Media:

First off, share your music on other social profiles and ask your followers to follow you on Spotify. You can add a message with your track like Hi, follow me on Spotify and enjoy melodious songs”. The good way is that be creative and explain why they follow you and what the benefits are when they follow you on Spotify. When someone follows you on Spotify then they get notified when you release your new album, Ep, track or compilation.

Email Marketing:

Build an email list on Mailchimp which is an online platform for email marketing and send this list to your mailing list and ask them to follow you on Spotify. Asking for following on Spotify can be boring, so be creative and send short and to the point messages. For instance, you can write if I get 100 more followers, I will release a new track”. You can also buy Spotify followers to increase your following count in no time.


Creating playlists with a specific theme is a great tip to increase your followers like romantic songs, sad songs, rap songs, etc. You can also promote your playlist on your social profiles and Spotify profile as well. Fill this playlist with a good mix of all your songs that suits this theme. When you share it on social media, mention the genre and mood of your track in your tag. You can also use the tag of other artists. It will give you more exposure and help you to reach a whole new audience. If you want to increase followers in short order, buying Spotify followers is a gear way to go.