Crazy Paving

Things Your Need To Know About Crazy Paving

When it’s about selecting the hard surface options, you have a wide range to choose among, but one of the most loved and appraised is the crazy paving. Crazy Paving Melbourne is one of the random paving techniques used the most in hard surface paving. Following mentioned are some of the details that you must know about crazy paving:

Hard surfaces

Crazy paving is done generally on the hard surfaces, especially on the surfaces that are made of concrete. But you can make it over a soft surface too based on the surfacing requirements. Other than this, you can also use this crazy paving over a well-concreted road that’s almost 50 to 55 mm thick. The thickness of the way also depends upon the weight of the traffic that is to be passed through your selected road.

Slopes away

While you are applying the crazy paving, spread it over the marked area and you can use a plate compactor too for pressing it a bit down. In case if you are laying it over some residential areas, make sure that the paving slopes away from the exterior walls of the property. You can also take the necessary precautions for sudden extreme weather conditions by installing the drain strips.

Fill the large gaps

While you are laying the paving over the road base, must check how the concrete looks like. You need to fill the apparent significant gaps with smaller or trimmed stones so that the paving may look fine.


After that, there comes the mortar. Mortar has the three parts of sand and one of cement typically. The cement makes the motor and adds flexibility to the paving.

Put mix under stones.

Once you have done the filling, put some required quantity of mix to all the stones that you have added to turn the level of pieces. Using the combination of sand and cement in the correct ratio can also work well in fixing the stones. Using a dry mix is much more beneficial.

Sponge excess

At last, you need to sponge the extra flags using water. Make sure that the water you are using is clean. Remember to change the cleaning water frequently.

Crazy paving provides a natural look to the hard surfaces. It gives a better and organic feel to the hard surfaces which normally lasts for ages.

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