The Ultimate Hacks That Will Help You Choose the Perfect Book for Reading

Books play a very noteworthy role in our life. Opening a book is just like opening the doors to a completely new world. For most individuals, books are part of their day to day life. A book, without doubt, resembles the closest companion who will never walk away from you. Books are filled with information, life lessons, love, dread, petition and helpful piece of advice. The toughest decision for any book lover is choosing the perfect book. Below are the ultimate hacks that will help you choose the perfect book for reading.

  1. Take recommendations from others

There is a fair chance that someone around you is a literature fan. Ask them for books that are a must read. Go for the suggestions they give you because they will tend to be good. There are also chances that they may even lend you a book that they will suggest.

  1. Discover your reading taste

Books fall into various categories such as mystery, fiction, romance, and even comedy. In the endless circle of choice, choose the one that you like the most. Always select the genre that appeals you the most and is line with your taste.

  1. Never judge a book by its cover

The book cover and the content that is inside it are two totally different things. What makes a book good is the content not necessarily the cover. Hence never select a book based on its attractive cover because majority of the time the books with most tempting covers tend to be the most boring ones.

  1. Try applying the 5 finger rule

This rule is in most cases applied to children but using it can be really helpful even for an adult. The rule actually starts by taking the book that you intend to read. Open up any random page that is near to the middle. Start reading the page and put up one finger for each word that is new to you. If five all five fingers have been put up before reaching the end of the page, then that book is surely not a good choice. This trick is rather helpful for beginners.

  1. Read book reviews online

Reviews give a good insight into a book and hence prove to be very useful when choosing the perfect book. You can find reviews of almost all the books on the internet. Name it and they will be there, not just one but several on a single book.

  1. Bestsellers are not always the best ones

This may sound odd but books that are best sellers are not always the right choice. A book can be on the top charts merely because it is from a famous writer. Always read the reviews of any book even though they are the best sellers. Infamous authors are also worth a try.

Choosing the right book most of the time proves to be very tricky. The above-mentioned hacks will he really helpful when finding the perfect book.