The Astonishing Future of Electric Cars in 2019

The car industry is experiencing an extreme change, with the most carmakers concurring, the following years will bring more change than the previous decades. Today, under two percent of vehicles purchased are electric. Be that as it may, within the following decades, most car industry experts expect electric vehicles could make up most of the worldwide car sales. The electric effect is now gaining a lot of attention and various well-established brands are becoming more committed in offering a wide range of electric cars in the near future. Prices are falling while car models are diversifying. All the change that is taking place is going hand-in-hand with more amount of investment and more importantly the roll-out of the charging networks. Let us give you a closer look at what you can expect to see as the future of electric cars in 2019.

  1. Battery costs are continuing to decrease

The battery costs are continuing to go down at a very fast rate. It was seen that by 2017 the costs had fallen to $200 per kWh, and till today it is continuing to stop. It can be expected that by the end of 2019, the cost of batteries will have a fall of about 90% and hence the prices of electric cars will continue to drop.

  1. The long life of battery packs of electric cars

It has been reported that as compared to conventional cars, the batteries in electric cars will not degrade over time. Even after driving distances up to 270,000km the batteries will still be able to retain 91% of their original capacity. Due to this amazing feature, the vehicle’s total cost of ownership is expected to be significantly low.

  1. Reliability of electric cars

The fact that electric cars are more reliable cannot be overlooked. Electric vehicles contain far less part than the ordinary cars and hence the chances of any breakdown or replacement of parts are very few. There are just a few countable faults that can occur in the car and thus increasing its reliability and urging people to make decisions in favor of electric cars.

  1. Cheaper to fuel

Electric cars are cheaper to the fuel. This is a major point in favor if these cars because the world is already moving towards depletion of natural fuel sources. Electric cars will place less strain on natural resources as they would be driven on less fuel consumption. Ultimately the world will become a better place due to a better environment and electric vehicles could be purchased on lower electric rates.

  1. Battery capacity will continue to increase

Electric cars are showing the trend of battery capacity continuing to increase significantly. It has been stated that the range of these cars is 1,000 km and will continue to increase by the end of 2019. This has helped to fade away the range anxiety very quickly.

Electric cars, without doubt, have a very bright future in 2019. The trend of shifting towards these hybrid cars is increasing at a drastic rate.