Learn About Finding The Best Doctors For Surrogacy in Belarus

Surrogacy Doctors in Belarus

Surrogacy doctors in Belarus make their patients’ surrogacy process convenient and successful. A surrogacy doctor, or fertility doctor, is a reproductive endocrinologist who practices at the surrogacy centres in Belarus to help patients achieve their dream of parenthood. Surrogacy procedure is an area of fertility treatments that addresses hormonal functioning as it has become an effective option for infertility in both women and men.

Gestational surrogacy has been legalized in Belarus since 2006. The country, therefore, has become a really developed and modern option for surrogacy procedures for childless couples. Surrogacy in Belarus is considered as a medical care. The rights of both the surrogate and intended parents are protected in Belarus better than anywhere else across the world. The Belarusian law has strictly specified some of the medical reasons for intended parents to use surrogacy arrangements. Some of the medical reasons for using surrogacy are:

  • Synechia uterus, not responsive to therapy
  • Absence of the uterus (congenital or acquired)
  • Somatic diseases in which pregnancy is contraindicated
  • Deformed cervix or cavity with congenital malformations
  • Failed attempts of In Vitro Fertilization despite repeatedly receiving high-quality embryos


The surrogacy doctors in Belarus run fertility tests on both the intended parents and the surrogate for a successful surrogacy treatment. The best surrogacy doctors are listed based on their qualifications and expertise. The community of Belarus has access to a comprehensive variety of infertility treatments and services including surrogacy, birth control management, gynecology treatments, prenatal care and annual wellness visits. These surrogacy or fertility doctors in Belarus usually pursue their education for four years of rigorous obstetrics and gynecology training before getting their training in infertility with a three year of fellowship.

The surrogacy doctors in Belarus have a track record of performing a great number of surrogacy treatments with impressive pregnancy success rates. If you are looking for the surrogacy doctors in Belarus, Elawoman encourages you to call at +91-8929020600 for a consultation with the best surrogacy doctors in Belarus.

Surrogacy doctors in Belarus are responsible for the careful management and maintenance and of the genetic material used in the creation of healthy embryos – the collected gametes – as well as monitoring those embryos as they develop. These doctors have decades’ experience in the field of infertility treatments and tend to make an everlasting bond or connection with their patients. The surrogacy doctors in Belarus are dedicated to their practice and endeavor to offer a vast majority of services and treatments as they think that it allows for continuity of commitment and compassionate care.

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