Important Tips for Surrogate Mothers

Surrogacy normally is a process having complications, but it could be made safer and easier if the surrogate mothers follow the following set of tips:

–    Take care

The first and the most important thing in surrogacy is that the mother should be in good health. You should take good care of yourself to have a successful surrogacy. Eat nutrients based food, take exercise and take as much rest as possible. During pregnancy, you can use various sources to keep your health fit and perfect. You can also search for Surrogacy doctors in Belarus.

–    Be in touch with the professionals

You need to know one thing that open communication with your doctors is the key success for surrogacy. Your doctor should be your immediate resource to contact in the time of need of information and you need to update them every time you face any issue with your pregnancy. Don’t ever feel hesitated to ask questions which you feel to ask them.

–    Do document

This thing is fun and it will keep you busy throughout your pregnancy period. Many of the intended parents make a baby book for their child so that they could tell them their birth story. You too are an important part of that story, take your pictures and make a book. Document your story of pregnancy, keep your family along and make a book for your child.

–    Involvement of intended parents

The intended parents of the child are excited waiting for the child and you should also understand their feelings and emotions to keep them updated regarding your pregnancy conditions. You need to share details with them and keep them informed as they have the right to be informed. Share details at your ease level and you can also take them to the doctor with you at your appointments.

–    Baby’s emotional transfer

While in the pregnancy time period, you would only be a vessel for a baby to carry. The baby will start recognizing you with your voice, touch, and scent and this is the time when the baby will start developing emotional bonds with you.

At that time, you need to make yourself prepared because by the time when the baby will be shifted to the intended parents in the hospital, an emotional transfer will take place. Being a surrogate parent, it would be your duty to do this emotional transition and let the baby go home with the intended parents. You can also train this during your pregnancy in some ways.