How to take care of your outdoor tent and patios

Enjoy this summer by being cost-effective and by enjoying your summer by self-camping. Following mentioned are some of the care and maintenance tips for you to follow to take care of your tent and patios:

Dissembling and pitching

When you want to use the tent, you need to practice pitching on it first. While you have a tent, you also have a set of instructions with it to follow and to take care of its maintenance. Correct pitching of your tent helps you in minimizing the wear and tear which any tent could face. Avoid wearing boots inside and preventing sharp objects from touching the tent so that they may not damage the tent. Make sure that you use all the guylines on flysheet because they are important in providing the strength of the tents. Using the guylines help in increasing the stability of the tent which is particular in the inclement weathers.  While you are pitching the tent, the pores come under tension and in that aspect you need to make sure that the poles are connected gently through the sleeves.


Condensation normally happens in all the tents but all which matters here are the types and conditions of the tent. The best way which you can use to prevent the tent from condensation is to keep the tent perfectly ventilated. Most of the tents have perfectly designed ventilation systems in them. The best thing which you can do to encourage the airflow leaves the doors and vents open to the extent as much as you can.  Especially in the mornings, when the conditions are dry, the flysheet of the white folding tents could be removed and the condensation could be shaken off.

Taking care of patio furniture

Outdoor patio furniture is also to be kept with great care and responsibility. Having the patio furniture in outdoors and relaxing on it could really be amazing for you but the hot summer and sun rays could be harmful to the furniture if it isn’t taken with care. Following mentioned are some of the tips which you can follow to take care of your patio furniture:


Most of the times water and soap are enough for cleaning the garden furniture however to clean the patio furniture, you would need 1200 to 1350 psi pressure of water so that it could better help in cleaning the furniture. Whatever the option you may select should be in a low setting. You can also use a hose if you want for better cleaning. The process for cleaning the outsunny patio dining sets is simple and all you need to do is remove the cushions and spray off the spills and dirt.

Water resistance

Most of the times, the furniture can get badly damaged because of water so try adding up wax in the form of paste over the furniture so that it may become water-resistant and shiny. You may also apply weather-resistant on it to make it even safer.