How to speed up computers

How to Speed Up Computers & Laptops?

Computers, like humans, do get old and become slow. But before buying a new computer, additional RAM or bigger hardware, try to fix already existing problems.

Do all the things you know that can help you to fix the problem such as closing browser tabs, deleting extra documents or deleting useless folders/programs on the desktop.

Try transferring some of the data to an external hard drive or you can even use cloud which will help your computer to have more space to breath.

If your computer is still slow and causing problems then do these remedies to speed up computers:

  1. Clean and maintain your computer:

It’s not always the reason but sometimes your machine needs proper physical care in order to operate accurately. Dust is the biggest culprit of the low performance of the computer. It is because if your system has too much dust in it then it will generate more heat which then leads to low performance. So, you must clean your computer with a hand blower.

  1. Clean up the boost process:

Whether you have windows or a macOS, they both allow you to set some of the programs that will automatically start up when you log in the device. Programs that startup automatically are one of the reasons for slow speed. It is important to change their auto-start settings. You may turn off the auto-start features of such programs that are not used regularly.

You can easily fix this problem by going to the settings and then to system preferences of users and groups in mac and task manager on windows, where you will click on login items. Select those programs that you don’t want to run on your device whenever you open up. You can press ctrl+Alt+Del which will open a task menu and turn off those programs that made your computer slow when logged in.

  1. Clean your Hard drive:

Sometimes you accumulate a number of applications or files that you don’t use. It would be better if you prune the main folders. Make sure to check out the download folder as it gets filled faster and contains much larger files. Also, empty the recycle bin. You can even use some apps that help your computer to lose some load. Clean mymac for mac users and storage sense or disk cleaner is a good option for window users.