How to make black latte instant?

Black Latte:

People have been finding different ways to lose weight since a long time. They have come up with different kinds of exercises, and food items that help in reducing weight. This desperate desire to lose weight is partly due to the beauty standards the society has imposed on us, and partly due to the fear of various health problems that arise due to weight gain. Recently, there have been some talks about the black latte on the web that helps in reducing weight and bringing the body in shape.

The product gained popularity as it was prepared for those food-lovers who wished to lose their weight. This implies that one can easily lose weight while eating normally and without following a strict diet plan. However, eating lots of sugary items and junk food, and not doing any physical activity wouldn’t help in achieving the goal of weight loss. You can eat normally while you use black latte. A diet full of nutrients, occasionally varied with snacks and sweets will not make you fat. Also, an improved metabolic rate due to the usage of black latte along with some physical exertion will help you burn your fats and improve your body shape.

Due to the ingredients, black latte helps in stimulation of the metabolism, and the addition of energy and strength. In this way, not only the process of digestion functions properly, but it also gives you a better frame of mind. You become much active and productive at work, in your relationships, and also become more confident. Sugar withdrawal and a strict diet makes you not-so-active due to the craving your body has. Exercise makes you strong and healthy. All this bring about a better change in your body.

How to make black latte?

Making black latte is as easy as making a traditional instant coffee that the majority of people love to have. Preparation of the black latte requires mixing 2 teaspoons of powder with a cup of water. Water must be hot, and not cold. Breakfast time is the best time to make black latte. Due to this, the metabolic rate increases in the morning and thus keep working at a high speed throughout the day. It is suggested that for weight loss black latte must be used for a month, but time can be extended. The preparation is easy and safe and helps in fighting the extra weight off your body.

Ingredients for making black latte rezept:

  • 250ml milk (almond, coconut or soka)
  • 2 capsules of coconut palm-based charcoal (available in organic shops and pharmacies)
  • Cocoa powder
  • 1tsp honey or agave syrup

What you need to do is pouring the hot milk over the charcoal capsules and adding cocoa for a little decoration. Then add the honey or the agave syrup for sweetening purposes. Also, if you want a caffeine fix, strong espresso is welcomed to be added.

Hence, preparing black latte is really easy and it really works effectively in dropping your weight.