How Fiverr is one of the best freelance portal


It is a platform which allows people around the world to buy and sell the services they want to. These people are known as freelancers who work remotely on the basis of the projects they are getting. The platform has two modes, buyer and seller. In the buyer mode you can buy services from the people like if you want a website to be designed then you will look for freelancers who have the right credentials to build a website. You can negotiate the deal with each other in a private message section. The person who is providing you the service will be the seller.

Why it is one of the best:

There are many other freelance portals on the internet which provides the similar resources as Fiverr but still this platform has an edge from other platforms which makes it one of the best freelance portals in the market right now. The best thing about this portal is the ease to get in. Users can very easily start up their account unlike many other freelance portals which requires extra steps for verification. Another great thing is the overall design. It is very user friendly due to which many people prefer Fiverr over many freelance portals.

It is more easy to land a project in it than any other portals. The reason behind is that there are massive number of users of every level which means there is a wide variety of rate charge. The minimum rate is $5 like many other freelance portals but it is tough to buy a service in $5 from other portals. The highest rate can go up to $1000.

Fiverr does not have a limit for the users just like some of the freelance portals have. It has a huge market in which any freelancer can take benefit from. Remember that freelancing does require a lot of patience if you are thinking of getting in. There will be a time when a person does not get any type of project which does not mean that it is the fault of the platform. So users have to invest their effort and time to land on gigs in order to earn money.

Another good thing about it is the evaluation part which can be tough sometimes but overall it helps a lot for the buyers as it helps them to choose the valid profile for the job they are providing. The evaluation shows the level of the seller and the successful orders he or she has completed in the overall progress. The levels depends on, how many orders the user has completed. Better the level more opportunities the user will get. It also unlocks more facilities within the platform.


When you are going to dive into this freelance portal make sure to read all the policies because many times people get frustrated when their account get banned or suspended so following the policies is very important for all the users.