Box Trailer Brisbane

Box Trailer Brisbane

Do you know why Box trailer is widely used in loading are nowadays while there were not commonly used in the transport industry in the past?

Well! Let us talk about the Loading Trailers at first.

Trailers can transport more load volume and weight in less compared with transporting loads using traditional forklifts or lift trucks. Less traffic clog on the floor space will prevent less equipment and item damage.


Box trailer Brisbane is one of the most commonly used trailers in the road transport industry. Box trailers Brisbane are very useful for both individual use like home and business use because of the many advantages they offer. Basically, box trailers are designed in such a way, that they can carry goods without any difficulty from one place to the other places. Box trailers are an excellent and amazing choice for any individual who regularly pulls items around. Century trailers have the best quality box trailer in Brisbane.


A box trailer is basically a closed unit which is attached at the behind of a truck or utility vehicles. With their ability to easily and conveniently tow heavy and tall burdens, carry a wide range of objects and assets, and help with the migration of huge or fragile products. We regularly utilize this type of trailer for transporting high-esteem cargo or clothing on hangers. Dimension and limit capacity may change depends on manufacturing and production year of the trailers.


Standard Box Trailer

A standard box trailer that will become a ‘family friend’ for years to come. In the standard Box trailer, there 4 dimensions are available 6×4,7×4, 7×5,8×5. This Home Handyman utility trailer is easy to move but equipped for carrying a heavy load. Ideal for those jobs around the house or garden. This trailer has the majority of our standard features. We fabricate our box trailers to last, this is a quality hardcore box trailer, and is perfect for long outdoor occasions, long camping holidays and as well as local trips.

Premium Box Trailer

The Premium Box Trailer is also called Heavy Duty High Sides Tilt Trailer. It is an extremely popular size trailer, that will also use in double up as an HD Off  Road Camping Trailer for those weekends away. In the standard Box trailer, there 4 dimensions are available 7×4,7×5, 8×5,9×5. It will carry 750 Kg ATM. Perfect for all personal or business tasks. Premium Box Trailer is a great invention for the handyman or Renovation King! Built to last, this is a heavy duty quality trailer and it is easy to negotiate in city traffic.

Premium Heavy Duty Box Trailer

If Big is Better, this Braked Tilt Trailer quality box trailer ticks all the boxes. Heavy duty trailer is Perfect for any type of job, from small to large, home or work. It is also used for the rural landholder. The heavy-duty Box trailer is perfect for the transportation of your motorbikes or quads into the bush or onto the beach. In premium heavy duty there are also 4 demissions7×4, 7×5, 8×5,9×5. This box loader is extremely versatile load carrier, designed for heavy work. ATM can be upgraded to 1400 kg for operators requiring greater payloads.

Premium HD Tandem Box Trailer

Our box trailers Brisbane are built for the roughest terrain or the heaviest of loads, TANDEM Heavy Duty High Sides with an ATM of 2000 Kg. The HD Tandem Box trailer will handle any job, from small to extra large and for the Rural client with heavy loads to carry. It is Perfect for the person who has large equipment that they need to heal from job to job. In premium heavy duty there are 3 demissions8×5, 10×5, 10×6.


When you will purchase any box trailer keep some features in your mind before you jump in and buy the trailer.

  • Size
  • Rating in kgs
  • Drawbar
  • Body
  • Finish
  • Chassis
  • Flooring
  • Wheels
  • Axle
  • Tires
  • Springs
  • Brakes

Century Trailers have a commitment to ensuring best practice in order to design, engineer, produce our trailers. With a range of box trailers in Melbourne for sale, you won’t be limited in choice, so finding a box trailer that directly suits your intended use should be easy. Speak to our experts about what you need for your trailer and they’ll be able to direct you to the best option for you.