Authentic Sources To Learn Communication Skills

There is a deep-rooted truth in the phrase that the pen is mightier than the sword. The very same can be implied to and said of communication skills. Good communication skills are a subtle power that will open the professional gateways, enhance relationships and increase the level of personal happiness and joy.

What exactly are communication skills?

Regardless of whether we understand it or not, we are communicating all the time. Given the number of platforms and devices that we use as we experience our everyday lives, and the multi-tasking that our busy and hectic schedules requires really good communication skills. Communication skills are basically the capacity to pass on information to another adequately and proficiently. Having great verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills encourage the sharing of information which is very beneficial for an organization as well a person himself.

The need to learn communication skills

Having the capacity to communicate effectively is maybe the most imperative of all fundamental skills. It is the essential thing that empowers people to pass information to other individuals and to comprehend what is said to them. The importance of communication skills can be seen from the fact that a baby listens eagerly to its mother and endeavors to repeat the sounds that she makes. This clearly depicts that how fundamental us the urge to communicate. Not just this but communication skills are important in all spheres of life. Communication is the heart of any work that a person intends to di. Therefore, good reading, writing, listening and speaking skills are essential if target goals are to be achieved successfully.

2 authentic sources to learn communication skills

There are many sources that promise to help provide a person with remarkable communication skills. The problem is that not many of these are authentic or effective. Below are the 2 most authentic sources that can help in learning outstanding communication skills.

  1. Readings

There are hundreds and thousands of books on the topic of communication. It becomes really tough to choose the most appropriate reading source. A reading that is recommended for learning communication skills and is an absolute favorite of the majority of professionals is Crucial Conversations. This is a great starting point for anyone who is facing communication problems and intends to communicate effectively. The book is not just about sales-related conversations but calls for people to connect, engage and be real. Everyone must take part in the pool of sharing their thoughts. The key skill to learn here is to learn to enter a conversation with positive intent. There are many other books that can also serve the same purpose of learning to communicate.

  1. TED Talks

TED works under the famous slogan “Ideas worth spreading.” Over recent years, TED has grown very popular globally. It has become so famous that TED talks are not just held at international levels but many cities have their own TED events. To learn communication skills, being part of TED talks can be very helpful. It helps with not just listening and speaking skills but also presentation skills. If attending the event seems difficult than a person can simply watch TED talk videos online. This is definitely a very authentic source when it comes to learning communication skills.