A Complete Guide For Tracking Your Lost Phone To Save Business Contacts

A Complete Guide to ‘Track my Phone’

Whether you agree or not, nowadays a persons’ complete day and in a way, their whole life is on their mobile phone. A mobile phone is that one device that rides with us and dies with us, the times of dogs being a man’s best friends are long gone, replaced by the man’s mobile phone. And if you stand as a person in suspicion about your companion and want to know about the things they do not admit to, chances are you will find them on their phone. But you can never be sure of it unless you have proof, can you? We have just the thing for you; TrackMyPhone.

How to track my phone

Track My Phone is a cell phone monitoring software created especially to catch your suspect red-handed and prove it to them with evidence. It includes ‘spyware’ which is a software that infiltrates confidential information from a person’s phone, hence Track My Phone is able to store sensitive information and get control over their activities. It also serves by recording phone calls, monitor texts, and social media activities. Track My Phone is a self-sufficient spy software as monitoring equipment. But in order to begin,

Features and Specs

Multiple features are available but the affordable premium packages have to be paid for which delivers more specifically desired traits for you to track down your suspect. However, the free version contains these.

  • Gather information about a device

Mobile company, Model, OS version etc. This is needed to ensure that you are spying the right suspect.

  • Allows to monitor multiple targets

Using the same account, Track My Phone helps you to monitor multiple suspects, by simply downloading ‘think spy’, enter your username and password and you are good to go.

  • Tracks call

The think spy gathers information of recent calls, missed, received, dialed, duration of calls and the initial time of calls, then sends this information to the server.

The call recording feature helps you to attend the actual live call, even record it.

  • Activities monitor

Besides calls, another way of communication is through text messages and further plans are either on notes or the calendars, all of which are readily monitored through the SMS spy feature.

  • GPS Tracking

Through this feature, you can literally know where the person is present at the moment and figure out if they were lying earlier or not. Regardless of them being in another state or another country, if they have access to the internet, you have access to them.

  • WhatsApp Activity

You can have access to the WhatsApp data folder existing in the suspects’ cell phone, including videos and photos. Instant messages, even the deleted ones are readily available to you.

Why would you need it?

You can catch your cheat of a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. Obviously, they will not admit it if you ask them, but if your intuition still tickles you, you need proof that TrackMyPhone provides.

Parents are always concerned about the type of content their children view or who do they engage with most, for their own safety.

If you have doubts about your employees sharing confidential data and perform fraudulent activities, this software is needed by you.

Or if you are a person with all healthy trustworthy relationships, you can simply use this software to recover your lost data and track your lost phones. The possibilities are endless.