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7 Tips To Get More Instagram Audience for An Australian Restaurant

Instagram has a massive audience so to promote your brand in this social media platform is a good move but due to so many brands it gets tough for the users to make their brand or business to stand out from others. In this article we will specifically discuss about how the users can get more Instagram followers for their restaurant. There is a huge food market in Instagram so it will be really beneficial for the users to apply the following seven tips.

Get a Food Blogger

The first thing to do in order to get your restaurant in the social media game is to hire a food blogger which has a good following. The blogger will use the food pictures to look more presentable and will talk about your restaurant in his or blogs which will promote your restaurant to the massive following that blogger has. Even if you don’t find a food blogger you can always find time to write about your own restaurant and the food which you are offering. This approach will also start to give a bump to your Instagram followers.

Create food contests in Australia

Ask your followers about the dish they can make perfect and share their experiences while doing it. Set up a reward too if you can. This move is highly effective as it engages all of your followers who are interested in it. Run a hashtag when you are creating a food contest, it will make you reach to a more massive audience of Instagram.


Throw in catchy hashtags

Just like the contest hashtag, you can always be creative in creating catchy hashtags related to your dishes. This will somehow can be escalated into a popular thing when your followers will start referring your dishes by that hashtag.

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The Right Tools

When you are promoting or marketing about your content it is very important to get yourself the right tools like getting cheap Instagram followers which will help you a lot in scheduling out the posts for you and some other features. It will also make your job a lot easier when it comes to marketing. There are many tools on the internet, choose the one which has the best reviews so that you can get an idea about it.

Use the linking method

This means that the user should use the links of his or her brand to the right features like in the stories. You can add all the relevant information into multiple segments of a single story. Promoting your restaurant through it will also be great move by creating ads.

Importance of hashtag 

Just like with the catchy hashtags, remember to add at least a single hashtag in each of your posts. This helps a lot to get more views and attention.

Great Photos

The final step to attract more followers is the good quality photos so make sure to take a lot of it regarding your best recipes in a perfect lighting.