4 Countries with top coffee consumption

Are you a person who drinks coffee regularly? Do you want to know some stats regarding coffee consumption? You might have seen many businesses emerging over the internet and giving you a chance to order coffee beans online, making you wonder how much the use of coffee has increased in recent years. It is true that many people consume coffee on regular basis and the drinking varies from a single cup to multiple cups a day. Here we have top 4 countries with most coffee consumption, starting from lowest and moving towards the highest.


Denmark is one of the most well known countries when we talk about coffee as it has a consumption of as much as 8.7 KG per capita coffee. According to stats, people of Denmark drink about 1.46 cups of coffee each day. It shows how much the people love this hot brown drink. What about opening up a coffee bar here?


Another well known coffee consuming country is Iceland. The people of Iceland have a 9 KG per capita coffee consumption. Considering the population and amount of coffee it grabs in, this makes astonishing 5 cups of coffee on average for a single person in one day. Pretty amazing?


With a 9.9 KG per capita consumption of coffee, Norway is amongst the biggest coffee consumers. Here, the people drink coffee in a number of different ways, with the drink usually being served black to the people with breakfast. If you plan on having it after dinner, you mostly get it as a dessert. People here invite others to coffee parties where they are served the hot brown drink along with cakes and pastries.


The biggest consumer of coffee is none other than Finland and it beats the number 2 Norway by 2 KG per capita. Here, you have 12 KG per capita coffee consumption and if you just take out the children from the equation it would rise to astonishing numbers. People here are very unlikely to say ‘no’ to a coffee offer regardless of the fact that it is served in morning, afternoon, or evening.